Thursday, July 5, 2012

Failure Key To Success!

                            Although all of us have inbuilt desire to become successful yet at times we have to undergo failures. Normally, failure results from raw idea and careless planning. Failure is a bitter fruit that’s why noon desires to experience it in life. I think many people who are successful today in their respective fields, had undergone failures in the initial stage of their work and career. They learned lessons from their failures and became successful afterwards. So I agree that failure is educational.
                           It is said that falling down does not make one failure but staying there does. So, we have to learn something significant or the reasons of failures and provide continuity to one’s work to be successful. Steven Wozniak when he got failure in his work and review the work he had already done and realized his inefficiency and proceeded to start all over again and became successful. The resulting invention was the Apple One, the world’s first personal computer. Failure can be educational, if one is wise or rational, I read somewhere that a wise learns from his own failure and the wisest learns from others‘. We can cite the examples of many famous writers whose first book proved to be disaster likewise many scientist and politicians whose attempts were unsuccessful, but due to their perpetual pursuit in their attempts made them ultimately world famous scientist and politicians. Wrights brothers, Einstein, Edison, Nelson Mandela, and Mahatma Gandhi etc are the examples of them.
                                    Failure allows the attempters to know their weakness and inefficiency in particular work and this enables them to work well and effectively on the area of weakness and inefficiency and this would help them to improve their final performance and get success in their desired goals. Despite having no cut and dried formula to be successful we have to endeavour our best and pursue our work, learning from  our own failure till we get success. If we fail once our exams, we should not give up our study rather we have to look for the reasons why we failed and how we can do better in future.

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