Saturday, July 7, 2012

Career Opportunities and the Internet

       Many careers are associated with the Internet, including network administrators, information system professionals, and data communications managers. Aside from careers that focus on architecture and administration of the internet, many other professions require not only a working knowledge of the Internet, but also a mastery of the tools used to create and distribute content across it. Here are a few such careers.
·      Web Designers and Web masters.
Corporate Web, intranet, and extranet sites are developed, designed, and maintained most often by teams of professionals. At the helm of such teams are experienced designers and Web masters. Web designers bring various traditional design skills to the table, such as experience with graphics, text design, and layout. They also are skilled with HTML tools and scripting languages. Web masters often provide more technical skills required for high-level network support. One or both of these leaders also must have management skills to direct and coordinate the efforts of a design team.
·      Multimedia Developers.
          As more people connect to the internet, companies face increasing competition to provide highly visual, interactive content that enables them to capture and retain visitors to their Web sites. This need already has increased the demand for multimedia developers who can design content for the internet, particularly the Web. To become marketable in this field, multimedia developers need a thorough background in multimedia authoring and distribution and expertise in using such products as Macromedia Director. Shockwave, Flash, Adobe Live Motion, After Effects, and so on. These specialists also benefit from having programming skills and using scripting and programming languages such as Java Script, Action Script (Flash), Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), synchronized multimedia integration language (SMIL), Java, XML and others that are widely used on the internet.
·      Programmers.
Programmer are finding all sorts of opportunities in internet development, because Web sites commonly are used to support high-level functions such as interactivity, searches, data mining, and more. To get involved in internet-related products, these programmers learn a wide variety of languages, including Peri, Visual Basic, Java, C++ and others.
·      Writers and Editors.
Just as the internet has changed the way multimedia content is delivered, it also has changed the way books, periodicals, and other printed media are delivered and viewed by consumers. Most publishing houses and newspapers require their writers and editors to work electronically and to deliver manuscript and articles via internet or other network. Many writers also must know how to create content for the internet and must be familiar with HTML. Similarly, editors should know how to work with HTML documents and how to deliver these pages to an internet site for publication.

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