Wednesday, June 13, 2012

It is not good to test Drug in Animals.

Does everyone think that the Earth is only for human Beings? Does anybody know that the medicine we used is tested in animals? The Earth is equal for all livig beings and animals are one of it’s part.
     I beleive that even animals have rights to live, rights to freedom, etc. How could Human Beings be so cruel upon them? I defineatly against it, while on experiment almost all has died and hardly some are breathing, along with those animal that has survived the experiment are bearly in good condition. In addition most of them are handicap, this trend may lead to existence of animals in near future.
     In the present context misusing and mistreating the animals as well as utilising for individual’s benefits are against law, likewise Is there any law to stop such a killer research? while conducting experiment excessive chemical are used for manufacturing the medicine that lead to cause more harm on them.
     Finally, in spite of using animals for experiment, scientist should have start a new way for it however medicine shows an negative impact on both, indeed drug don’t cure all the diseases of the world. For instance “Cancer” and  “HIV AIDS”.

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