Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Podcasting for Teachers

The first step on the wаy to start podcаsting іs to gеt a blоg tо post yοur podcast and pοst any information related to yоur topic. Α podcast for teaсhers, by teachers on how tο create podcastѕ virtuаlly for freе with ideas and sаmples fοr the classroοm.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Funniest Picture of the week!


Computer Sales Professional

Thinking about a career in sales? If so, you should consider a position in the computer hardware, software, or services market. Depending on the type of sales you pursue, the rewards can be enormous. Despite what you may be thinking, a degree in computer science is not always required for a career in computer –related sales.             
Computer sales professionals sell a wide variety of       products and services. Here are just a few:

·      PC hardware sales. 
            This field includes personal computers desktops, portables, network servers, network computers (NCs), and handheld computers. You may be sell to individual end users; small, medium, and large businesses; government agencies or schools; or to a variety of other organizations.

·      Network sales. 
             Although it may be impossible to find an organization that is not networked, opportunities abound in the networking sales field. Organizations are constantly upgrading and expanding their existing networks, looking for hardware and software solutions that will enable them to store and transmit data faster and more efficiently.

·      Telecommunications sales. 
              Telecommunications and computer technologies go hand in hand. Markets are expanding for wireless systems; systems that can transmit voice and data simultaneously; and phone systems that can connect to networks, enabling ushers to bring up a caller’s data instantly.

·      Internet services sales. 
          The Internet is now an entire industry unto itself. Thousands of companies have sprung up, selling Internet services of all type,  including  Web hosting; Web site management; design; advertising; security; e-commerce; consulting; software and content development; and many others.

·      Software sales. 
        This industry extends beyond sales of operating systems and word processors; enterprise software includes massive database systems, network management software, data—mining tools, and other powerful and expensive packages. 
·      Professional services sales.
            “Professional services” is a catch-all term that covers nearly every type of computer or network-related service, including system analysis and design; installation and configuration; programming and development; systems management; break-fix; help desk services; and software support. A career in computer sales can be very rewarding. Sales professionals are paid in many different compensation programs. Any compensation plan might in include a straight salary, commissions, bonuses, profit sharing, stock options, and other rewards. Many retail salespeople earn base salaries of $20,000 to $30,000, plus bonuses and commissions. The most successful corporate sales representatives earn literally millions of dollars. Computer sales can mean long hours, hard work, and less negotiating. It also requires an understanding of the products, services, and prices offered by your company and your competitors. Computer sales are extremely complected, especially when dealing with large corporate clients who purchase millions of dollars worth of products and services in a single order.