Monday, July 2, 2012

The Importance of computer literacy

                 In this era of science and technology, computer are no longer specialized tools used only by scientists and engineers. Computer systems are everywhere-in places we cannot see or would not expect to find them. They are a part or fact of life, a common thread that bond together education, work and home life. With computers touching nearly every facet of our lives. The issues of computer literacy becomes important because computers are becoming increasingly key tools in all types of workplaces, from office to factories.
   Someday perhaps sooner than we think, we may not be able to imagine living without computer skills. Consider the fact that computer are essential part of business today, whether are a surgeon, or a secretary, or pilot. Just as we depend on bus for transportation to work each day, we totally rely on computers as tools to help us in our work.
  • Increased employ ability:-
If you have a knowledge of computer along with specific job skills, you will be considered more trainable in a adaptable to the computerized work environment by potential employers.

  • Greater earning possibilities:-

You may be a valuable worker, if you have a high-tech skills such as programming, network administration, or hardware maintenance.
  • Greater access to resources:-

Computer are incredible learning tools, especially if you have a internet or when you have access to data on CDs, or you can use a PC to access vast knowledge bases on almost any topics.
  • Greater control of assets.

You can manage your personal finances or company data's using the power of internet with only a little knowledge of computer.

      Due to the growth of computer technologies, we now live in a information society, where information is considered to be an extremely valuable commodity. Those who control important information, or who simply have a skills how to access and use it, are key players in the information based economy and world. Computer knowledge and skills are key to get success in this society, not only in our working lives but also in the way we learn, manage our finances and improve our standard of living.

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