Sunday, July 1, 2012

Impact of the computer on you

                We all know that computer is wonderful and amazing tools, which help us, work more productively and efficiently with 100% accuracy. They provide new opportunities for communication and education as well as they can be entertaining additionally, in nearly all aspects of our lives. People are spending ever-increasing amounts of time using their computer and internet for these reason and others.
             Despite all the merit of Computer use, however there are also disadvantages. Although it may be hard to believe that a computer can pose a threat to its users, consider the caution we exercise when using any other appliance or tools. For instance when operating a vehicle or a power tool, we cautious to protect not only ourselves but also those around us.
Computer users must make sense to be cautious when using it, especially if they use the internet regularly. Reckless operate of computer can result in physical injuries as well as a loss of privacy. These issues affect individual’s computer users everyday whether they deal with computers in business or exercise them at home or school.

Demerit of the computer use:-
1)    On health
i)       Repetitive stress Injuries (RSIs)“carpal tunnel syndrome”
ii)    Eye strain
iii)  Electromagnetic fields (EMFs)“causes cancer”
2)    Privacy issue
i)       Software piracy
ii)    Theft
iii)  Computer viruses
·       Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSIs)“carpal tunnel syndrome”
A group of ailments caused by continuously using body in a ways it was not designed to work. It began appearing among those people who spend a great deal of time using a computer’s keyboard and mouse. One major injury that is especially well documented among these workers is “carpal tunnel syndrome”, a wrist or hand injury caused by using a keyboard for long period of time.
  • ·                Eyestrain

Eyestrain is the most frequently reported health problem associated with computers.

  •      Electromagnetic fields (Emfs)“causes cancer”

 Emfs are created during the generation, transmission and use of low frequency electrical power. This fields exit near power lines, electrical appliances and any other piece of equipment that has an electric motor. The magnetic field is the one that raises the health concern.

  •    Option to reduce impact of computers:-

  1. ·       Take frequently breaks away from the computer
  2. ·       Avoid staring at the screen for long period
  3. ·       Remember to blink. Lack of blinking causes dryness of the eye and eyestrain
  4. ·       Use flat-panel display, which doesn't radiate EMFs
  5. ·       Sit at 3 feet length away from the monitor and the system unit.
  6. ·       Choose the proper furniture:- to adjust height, for lower back support and armrests.

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