Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Darkness inside Shopping Complex

                It has recently been announced that a large shopping centre may be built in my own neighbourhood. It sounds so pleasing to ear to hear this announcement. It may also be beneficial for neighbourhood or locality yet I oppose this plan.
        The neighbourhood where I have been living since I was born is serene and peaceful and our family lives with every neighbour harmoniously maintaining brotherhood. If once a large shopping centre is built in this peaceful and serene environment it will change into disturbing, noisy and polluted environment due to the hustle bustle of a large number of people and vehicles. We can hardly concentrate on our studies; as a result, our lucid future gets into the darkness of ignorance.
                     My neighbourhood will be affected by noise and air pollution which cause depression and diseases. We shall not get fresh air to breathe in and peaceful atmosphere to live in as well, due to which our life span will be reduced.
It is obvious fact that a large shopping centre opens many doors of opportunities in our neighbourhood. We can get to buy every goods of our daily requirements which save our fuel and fares. 
Moreover there will be job opportunity for the people of my neighbourhood. Despite all these opportunities and facilities, the people living here cannot live happily and peacefully because the crimes like pick-pocketing, theft, robbery and even killing may emerge due to the huge transaction of commodities and money. It is definite that our locality will be renowned in the city and the cost of our land will increase; on the contrary the cost of our lives will decrease.
In conclusion, what I must say is that the shopping centres should be built in the outskirts or market areas of the city. The government should not provide legal permission to build a shopping centre in that place where a large number of people reside and spend their individual or family life. I think, if somehow the shopping centre will be built in our neighbourhood, owing to a range of pollutions and disturbances we may have to leave our locality in search of another peaceful and serene place to spend our rest of the life. 

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