Sunday, July 1, 2012

Computer Technology

        The computer is a truly incredible and amazing machine, the power and the technology  is beyond our reach and imagination. It has been trustworthy as well as working significantly in our live since, it was invented by scientists.
        Although in the begining it is just used for mathematics calculation, eventually to this epoch it's capabilities and abilities enormously developed to such a extent that it's technology are unpredictable. In this era computer has been a one major part of ours lives. likewise, it assists in all our work, amazingly it has taken on a role in nearly every aspect of our lives. consider the following examples:-

1)Ting embedded computer control our alarm clocks, entertainment centers and home-appliances.

2)Today automobiles could not even start without embedded computer system.

3)An estimated ten million people now work from home, instead of commuting to officee or workplace.

4)People use e-mail for personal communication nearly ten times as often as ordinary mail, and nearly five times more often than the

5)Routine, daily tasks, such as banking at automated teller machines, talking over digital telephone networks, and computerized cashiers, are affected by computer technology. 

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