Sunday, March 29, 2009

Louisville - Saturday

By Saturday, most attendees seemed very pleased with the overall conference experience - though maybe showing some signs of tiring! 

There were several highlights on Saturday morning. The first was the TECA Manufacturing Contest - held in the Marriott. Many teams competed to see which could
 produce the most efficient "sorting" device. It was interesting and exciting to watch the manufactured
 pieces being put to the test. (One such test being shown here.)

Another highlight was the Teaching Technology Showcase (Technology Festival) held in the Convention Center. Quite a few
 teachers brought their materials to share with the crowd that attended. Pictured here is Tech Fest co-organizer, Curtis Funkhouser with Jerry Day from the University of Maryland - Eastern Shore. 

The culmination of the day, as well as of the Conference was the Awards and Recognition Luncheon. After an enjoyable meal, attendees were able to share in the excitement as a number of the highest professional recognition awards were presented. 

For those of you who attended the conference, we hope that your experience was educational, rewarding, and enjoyable. For those of you who were unable to attend, we hope you'll be able
 to make the trip next year to join your colleagues in Charlotte, North Carolina.

In a few days, the complete Louisville Conference photo slideshow will be available and a link will be posted here as well as on the ITEA website. Please be sure to check back.

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