Thursday, January 15, 2009

Virginia Governor Pushes for "Green" Jobs

Today's Washington Post included an article about Virginia Gov. Timothy Kaine using his final year in office to, in addition to dealing with the financial crisis, push for more "green" jobs. Kaine plans to entice companies that focus on environmentally-friendly products to the state. He is also emphasizing development of new forms of energy. 

This push, by Governor Kaine is evidence that sustainability and environmental issues are moving more and more to the forefront and that ITEA can have a role in preparing today's students for the opportunities that are now beginning to present themselves.
As part of its overarching "Mission Green Technology," ITEA is currently working to develop a "green" page for its website. But determining what types of information to include has proven to be a daunting task. We are fortunate to have members who are volunteering their time to help us winnow down a great deal of information to something more manageable. 

Stay tuned as we work to take advantage of this opportunity on behalf of our members. It's important to everyone's future. 

Katie de la Paz

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